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ALMERE, FL — Thanks for advice to write in English...

About 2230 hrs, low light level, bright orange/white figure seen Northeast of my position in Almere Buiten approaching from the direction of Lelystad/Zwolle. Initially thought to be a hot air ballon using gas burners in the dark sky but was moving far too quickly for that. It was not on any of the routes that are regularly used passing over Almere for Schiphol and appeared both lower and smaller than a commercial aircraft. It crossed my view between trees and my house moving towards me for about 8 seconds. I was able to call my wife out to also see it but did not have phone to video it. Whilst in that field of view the bright light obscured any shape and it appeared as a fast moving ball. The object then disappeared from view behind my house for about 5 seconds and reappeared on the other side. Same height and constant speed. On this occasion the brightness was less and a darker outline (straights lines) of a shape were visible. The object appeared to have changed course and banking towards the Northwest over the Markermeer. It was then lost from view. The sky was too dark and the object too low in my view for the light to have been a sun reflection from over the horizon. Most notable was that no engine noise could be be heard which is what I would have thought if it were a normal aircraft. The speed was also too fast for a helicopter which again would have been heard. Thankfully wife also saw it otherwise she would not have believed the story either.

I cannot reply to the reactions but my estimate is that it was between 3000 and 5000 ft, size of a small plane / large helicopter.

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