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ROTTERDAM, ZH — Good evening from Coolhaven, Rotterdam.

Curious about a strange light I saw on the sky tonight at 22:00 and until about 22:06 in a South East direction standing at the Coolhaven metro.

The light was pulsating almost like the gas flares at the oil refinery but much higher on the sky and in a different direction to the port. The moon was to the west of me and clearly visible and saw no signs of a halo as such. This was just vertical. Thought it was an airplane with landing lights but it kept pulsating yellowish and was static. It appeared to be inside the cloud.
The light to the right on the first picture is a street lamp - not the moon…


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Lightpillar see the discription.. Meer…


  • Pulsating orange light foto
  • Pulsating orange light foto
  • Pulsating orange light foto
  • Pulsating orange light foto

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